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June 11, 2012

Lower Prices, Higher Optimization with ChatBeam Answering Service

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In today’s grueling economy, businesses and customers alike are looking for one thing: cost-effective ways to improve overall experience. North Carolina based ChatBeam Answering Service has addressed this issue by finding a way to stay ahead of the competition while also moving to the cloud and cutting costs.

Many companies such as the local doctor’s office, air conditioning repairmen, or even tow truck drivers rely on telephone answering services to provide a live presence around the clock. Needless to say, customers leaving voicemails or messages on answering machines is quickly becoming a thing of the past across the board.

ChatBeam has solved this issue by making these answering services available to small businesses as well as sole proprietors at an affordable rate (plans starting at only $49/month), all by using cloud technology. By implementing this new technology, companies will ultimately be able to expand their resources as demand increases while simultaneously cutting costs and being able to offer most of their agents the opportunity to work remotely from home. This new cloud technology will also exceed standard, on-premise call centers, such as when poor weather or natural disasters strike a single location, as this new solution allows for immediate back up within minutes through multiple location redundancy.

Managing member of ChatBeam Michael Rose made it known that cloud technology is the way of the future, and as time progresses, will only become more and more of a common practice. He also added that it’s critical to be able to decrease costs of telephone answering services, that way small businesses can compete on an entirely new level, equipped with immediate assistance with every call. It is in this way that telephone answering services are evolving from message takers to personal secretaries.

ChatBeam Answering Service is now able to provide answers to frequently asked questions and business hours, as well as can now collect detailed information from customers, which can then be sent to the caller as a follow up via SMS or email. This not only helps customers better comprehend the situation at hand, but brings the entire experience to a new level of professionalism as opposed to simply listening to a voicemail.

As mentioned before, not only does this positively impact customers, but it also advances businesses by increasing the opportunity for employees to work remotely from home. This will obviously prove advantageous for certain individuals, such as stay-at-home mothers or for someone who is recently unemployed and looking for work.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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