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September 10, 2012

Head for the Cloud for Call Center Success

Cloud Call Center Resource Contributor

Technology is one of those things that changes so incredibly fast in the call center space that it’s imperative for businesses to stay up to date on the latest offerings to make sure their customers are getting nothing but the best experience. Of course, when it comes to the call center, choosing the solution is only part of the problem; maintaining and updating it are a secondary challenge that needs to be a primary focus.

A lot of call center systems and software solutions can take some time to implement, so much that when they’re finally perfected and integrated into a particular call center, they’re already outdated and can be considered “legacy” by the standards of some customers.

Many solutions prohibit call centers from being flexible, and being inflexible means that as customers’ demands change, the likelihood of obtaining and maintain good customer relationship management isn’t so likely. If a customer is faced with long wait times, irritation begets frustration, which begets a more serious challenge than handling a customer inquiry.

Therefore, it is imperative for call centers to investigate the most cost-effective yet most efficient way of running their call centers and by which solution. Cloud call centers are a good choice for call centers looking to stay with the times and be able to change at a moments notice.

Of course, the most obvious benefit in going towards a cloud-based call center is the cost benefit to the company. Call centers operating in the cloud have little up-front costs, so revenue is preserved while investment is returned.

In the cloud, the call center solution is hosted, which can be significantly better than a premise-based solution. Any cloud solution comes with its usual benefits of lower TCO, predictable monthly costs, increased uptime, no upgrades or maintenance, and immediate access to features.

According to Call Centre Focus, cloud-based systems ease up having to go towards a technology-centric system. In the cloud, with features being offered on demand and billing set up as a pay-as-you-go model, it’s no wonder that it’s an attractive option that is scalable and more affordable.

As brick and mortar shops become the less popular option for shopping over its online counter part, customer inquiry into the call center will increase. The need for call center efficiency is now, and more than ever an industry imperative.

With moving towards the cloud, call centers can ensure that they’re not only keeping up with technology demands, but the demands of their customers as well.

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