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October 01, 2012

Choosing the Right Cloud Call Center is Easy with 3CLogic

Cloud Call Center Resource Contributing Editor

The call center environment is rapidly evolving, and the many benefits of utilizing a cloud call center have made it an attractive option for businesses across the globe. If your business hasn’t yet made the switch yet, there are a few things you must consider before selecting your next cloud call center provider. 

Cost and technology are two key determinants that should dominate the decision making process when weighing pros and cons, according to this Evolve IP blog. With a little bit of digging, businesses don’t have to sacrifice either. 

When evaluating which cloud call center is the best fit for your organization, it’s important to know that the cost structure of an on-site center is different from that of the cloud. For instance, an on-site center requires more upfront capital investment while the cloud call center generates operating expenses that accrue on an as-needed basis. 

Utilizing a cloud call center eliminates many fees associated with equipment upkeep that can drain operators of an on-site center. With the cloud, there are no servers to maintain; you only pay for services used. Understanding this is essential when evaluating the cost of the two different structures.

Don’t be duped, however, by the many hidden fees that exist. Ensure you’re not responsible for software updates that carry additional costs in the way of agent training and licensing fees that may not initially be obvious. Don’t forget to account for hardware upgrades that may be necessary overtime to accommodate new software programs. Also, even if you have the option to purchase your equipment, there may be future installation and configuration fees that accrue as a result of required updates.

As far as technology goes, there are three main considerations to ensure a good fit. First, look for a provider that monitors and maintains the network both day and night and offers network and carrier redundancies that will help ensure continuity of service. These providers will usually offer a guarantee via a contractual SLA that will give added peace of mind.

Second, good providers offer call monitoring 100 percent of the time to guarantee call quality; this should also be part of the SLA contract. Finally, your chosen provider has to be able to get the right call to the right person at the right time. With the increasing ability for agents to work from anywhere, it’s possible to route calls to the appropriate people, regardless if they are in the office or working in the field. 

Services provided by 3CLogic make transitioning to a cloud call center easy. It is estimated that agents waste up to a third of their day by trying to toggle between incongruent software systems. 3CLogic integrates new and existing prospect management needs into one platform, reducing the number of screens an agent has open at one time. This improves productivity and reduces time required to reach call resolution.

Each incoming call populates all available customer information onto one screen, right at the agent’s fingertips. And when information is updated in one system, it is updated throughout, eliminated extra keystrokes. 

Calling prospects with 3CLogic is also a breeze. Contacts can be imported or exported to work seamlessly with other systems such as that offered by Cloud call center solutions offered by 3CLogic make transitioning to the cloud an easy and profitable proposition.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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