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October 02, 2012

Five Ways to Tell if Your Call Center Needs the Cloud

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Are you facing specific kinds of business costs? Is your IT team focused on one thing in particular among everything else? How secure is your data? These are only a few questions you should consider to confirm if you’re ready or not for a cloud-based call center, or perhaps to determine if transitioning your call center to the cloud is the right move for you. If you’ve been battling making the tricky decision of whether a cloud-based call center solution is a good fit for you, thank Wayne Lockhart of Aspect, who recently blogged five helpful questions which will hopefully nudge you in the right direction.

Question #1 to consider: Are you facing upgrade or migration costs of your existing infrastructure?

Whether you’re looking to stick with your on-premise solution, move to the cloud or adopt a hybrid model, updating an outdated environment “can be a key decision” when making any call center consideration – and it’s one which Lockhart strongly suggests you do. Moving to the cloud can help soften the blow of these costs.

Question #2 to consider: Is your IT team focused on your business core competencies?

A sub-question to consider in this category is how critical your contact center is to your business operations. Depending on this is what leads an organization to choose a cloud-based solution or hosted provider, as this then allows internal resources to focus more on projects that are central to their growing business. Some may find that this is just what they need for continued success.

Question #3 to consider: Can the solution handle peaks in demand?

Lockhart strongly urges you to take a close-up look at your service provider’s “promises” of things such as high-availability, reliability and uptime. Make sure you’re not putting your core business goals on the backburner by compromising with a solution that can’t keep up with your demand; you essentially want a solution that will grow with you and be there beside you rather than limit your potential – kind of like cultivating a healthy romantic relationship. Remember “that business-critical operations could hinge on your customer-facing, customer-service environment,” says Lockhart. “This relates closely to the previous two points and is a factor of investment in technology and the skills to manage the system in a way to meet your organization’s needs.”

Question #4 to consider: Is it compatible with other technology you already own?

Lockhart cautions “not to overlook these factors when determining what should be moved to a hosted environment and how it will interoperate with your core business.” Be especially attentive to this in light of the fact that some organizations may still require enterprise infrastructure for security and networking, as well as voice and data communications. In other words, before you invest, make sure you investigate.

Question #5 to consider: How secure is your data?

“Are you comfortably with the level of security certification that protects your customer data both on-premise and as offered by a hosting provider?” Lockhart asks, explaining that many hosting vendors provide more advanced and highly-managed environments than would otherwise justify the environment. How much control do you personally want over your cloud call center solution? The more or less control or leniency you have in mind, the more important it will be to consider exactly what kind of cloud call center solution you desire.

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