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October 11, 2012

Why Small Businesses Should Rise to 3CLogic's Cloud Call Center

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The cloud call center has become an essential element in providing the best customer service possible. Small businesses especially implement cloud call center software to boost the relationship they have with their customers. Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud call centers because it provides just as much value with more productivity and flexibility at a fraction of the cost. The cloud is penetrating every market and industry, and call centers are no exception. 

But a cloud call center alone isn’t effective. As highlighted in this PC World report, the cloud call center relies on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to reach out to consumers. For most small companies, the cloud company with effective CRM software makes the most economical sense, but companies need to know what to look for in the various CRM solutions on the market, as most offer a variety of tools. 

is a CRM integration company with experience in offering end-to-end integration with Web-based applications and third-party CRM tools – not to mention the company integrates with various popular CRM suites such as those offered by vTiger, SugarCRM, Salesforce and Infusionsoft. Plus, 3CLogic has Amazon Web Services behind it, which means the uptime is right around 99.99 percent.

The cloud call center industry has long relied on these CRM suites, including, which was one of the first CRM software companies to go to the cloud for use by small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). many third-party CRM systems integrate with Salesforce, as the company is a pioneer in this space, which is a perfect combination of tools used in the cloud call center.

Even with this focus, Salesforce doesn’t have a monopoly on small- and medium-sized businesses. There are others on the market like Zoho, which is a free platform at its core with add-ons that offer e-mail and Web conferencing apps. SugarCRM and vTiger are also favorable CRM choices in cloud call centers because they are also accessible to third parties for integration of more useful tools. These services, however, come with a price tag - $350 to $600 for the editions with extra toolsets, to be exact.

For its part, 3CLogic is considered a leader in cloud call center solutions, not only because of its Amazon backing, but because of its rich set of features including instant setup that allows customers to launch a new contact center account in essentially no time at all. These can also be deployed anywhere – all that’s needed is an Internet connection and the agents can get rolling remotely. 3CLogic further provides an account portal that provides management with the tools they need to analyze campaigns and agent performance for continued success and deep customer insight. 

Companies are looking everywhere they can to cut costs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get value at the same time. 3CLogic’s solution not only minimizes investment commitments, but brings home the flexibility as well as valuable tools to create the perfectly optimized cloud call center.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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